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Will Obama Care Last?

Posted on August 5, 2013 by admin


Will Obama Care Last?

Whether Obama Care will survive at either completely or in part is currently a major debate. On the Republican side of the fence, there are many cries for repealing most, if not all, of the provisions. Some Democrats are advocating changes in some of the policies, even if they’re not in favor of repealing the entire Affordable Care Act. So which will happen? Right now, it’s impossible to tell.

The first big issue with Obama Care after it became law was the debate over forcing Americans to have health insurance. Many deemed this unconstitutional and there were major issues made over the tax penalties associated with non-coverage. They have been described as fines and punishment. As of summer, 2013, the tax penalties are still in place, but their future is undecided. Those penalties will actually help offset the cost of medical care for the uninsured.

There was also a suit filed with the US Supreme Court alleging that forcing the states to comply with the expansion of Medicaid was unconstitutional. National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius had lofty goals; it wanted to repeal as much of Obama Care as it could in reference to states’ rights. Obama Care was ultimately upheld with the exception of forcing the individual states to comply with the expansion of Medicaid. This means that some coverage and benefits will not be available to those who need them in states that do not comply with the expansion of services.

Republicans in the 111th, 112th and 113th Congresses have attempted to repeal parts of Obama Care, but, as of yet, they are still in effect. Legislation was proposed by Michelle Bachmann and others soon after the bill was passed into law.

Though, so far, the only real blow to Obama Care has been the outcome of National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, we can likely expect more lawsuits, deadline extensions and delays while Congress hammers out our futures along the lines of both sides’ political agendas.

The saddest outcome of the Affordable Care Act so far is that the people who would largely benefit from it, the low and middle income uninsured and underinsured, are having their medical futures placed in jeopardy because of bipartisan bickering. Much of the debate is not even centered on coverage or wellness; it’s all about money and politics and the American population is suffering because of it.