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What the Opposition Says About Obama Care

Posted on August 5, 2013 by admin

What the Opposition Says About Obama Care:

When Obama Care was signed into law some people were up in arms loudly complaining that these provisions were unconstitutional and that no one should be forced to buy healthcare. Truthfully, even before the bill was signed, some politicians were already stirring the pot and making outrageous claims about the cost and imminent failures of Obama Care.

The real truth about the Affordable Care Act often depends on what television station is reporting the “facts.” There is a huge Republican faction that still has an awful lot to say about Obama Care, and they started with some pretty big whoppers.

One of the biggest bones of contention with Obama Care is the tax penalty that will be incurred by those who do not obtain medical coverage. A very big deal was made out of this by the Republican contingent and it is, in fact, still a very popular subject of debate. The actual total for the tax penalty, however, is $1200 per year. The actual cost of an average health insurance policy for a healthy individual is well over $2500 per year, and the tax penalty would, in actuality, help pay for medical services for the uninsured.

And then there was the “death panel” incident. This mess was started by Sarah Palin, a Republican presidential hopeful, who tried to tell the American public that there were going to be special conferences comprised of people with the authority to decide who gets what treatment – ultimately having a God-like power over deciding who lives or dies. This is and always has been completely untrue and just another tactic to enflame the public and attempt to redirect their attention from the good things that Obama Care offers.

For the most part, the aspect of Obama Care that Democrats and Republicans argue over most frequently is the cost of these programs. The left says that Obama Care will shave $1 trillion off of the national debt by 2020. The right contends that this is false and the Affordable Care Act will actually add as much as $6 trillion to the deficit.

Truly, it’s no wonder that the American public is still confused about these reforms. Three years later we are still wading through the political mulch to find the truth about Obama Care. The bottom line is that these programs are intended to save lives and improve the quality of life for those with illnesses.