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Uninsured Rate Plummets in Minnesota

Posted on September 26, 2012 by admin

The number that Americans are most concerned with – the big question on everybody’s mind – is yet to be answered. The nation sits in eager anticipation, waiting as the days go by, wondering just how many of Obamacare’s enrollees were previously uninsured.

By and large, most everyone believes that this figure is the best indication of the healthcare law’s success. Nevertheless, we don’t have it.

Polls and surveys have been filed; studies completed. They show snippets of the bigger picture. But that’s all they are, small portraits during a time when the audience wants the entire chapel painted. And though citizens may be gnashing their teeth in collective frustration at the lack of facts and figures revealed, it’s time that they appreciate each crumb of information, as it will all lead to greater understanding of the nation’s health and the success of the Affordable Care Act.

Minnesota has provided a crucial progress report.

Based on a recent study released by the State Health Access Data Assistance Center at the University of Minnesota, the state’s uninsured rate is at an impressive low due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and focusing on data provided by insurance carriers and programs, the study indicates that the amount of Minnesota residents without health insurance decreased by approximately 40 percent. Originally, as many as 445,000 people were uninsured in Minnesota. Now, the number has fallen to a much more acceptable 264,000.

Recalling the fact a recent Gallup poll calculated that the United States’ overall uninsured rate was just over 13 percent, Minnesota’s initial eight-point-four percent seemed like a plus. However, as the report demonstrates, that already comforting statistic has been cut almost in half to manageable four-point-nine percent. As an accomplishment for the state of Minnesota, this should not be understated — especially for the fact that this decrease in the uninsured rate is directly proportional to the plunge that was initially predicted by the Congressional Budget Office for the nation as a whole.

The decrease, while certainly a job well done by the people of Minnesota, is a huge victory for the Affordable Care Act as it continues to face stark opposition. Granted, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s study isn’t an all-encompassing one. The uninsured rate for one state can hardly sum up the situation for the entire nation, especially without any additional information as proof, but just the expansion of coverage in this part of the country is something that all Obamacare supporters should be optimistic about. The young and inexperienced ACA babe, still getting used to crawling, is taking its first big steps.