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Texas Starts Preemptive Battle Against Obamacare

Posted on February 3, 2012 by admin

Since the proposal of the healthcare law known as the Affordable Care Act, conservatives and cynics of the legislation have called for repeal. Others were more lenient towards the idea of healthcare reform, but only if it began with Obamacare’s repeal. Now, officials from the state of Texas have come up with a different plan to battle the law, and policy experts are already saying that it could be the most effective strategy employed by the opposition to date. The state of Texas is looking to pass its own bill.

On November 18, Sen. Donna Campbell (R- New Braunfels) introduced a healthcare-related bill that would amend the Texas constitution, Senate Joint Resolution 16. If passed, this legislation would not allow any agency – including the federal government – to force Texas residents to be a part of any given healthcare structure. The law would also not allow the government to penalize those residents who choose not to be involved in it.

It is important to note that the state of Texas has not made any motion to implement an Affordable Care Act exchange, due to Gov. Rick Perry’s refusal. The state legislators have also not accepted the Obama administration’s Medicaid expansion offering. But this new bill is not limited to the state of Texas. If passed, it could have significant national repercussions.

In the event that this law passes, the state of Texas will have succeeded in warding off the Affordable Care Act completely. There is reason to believe that other conservative states could adopt this strategy. In the event that a number of states employ this idea, Obamacare could face serious difficulties in the years to come – and so could the Americans living within the states that reject the Affordable Care Act.

At-risk, low-income Americans would not receive the healthcare they need because of a narrow Medicaid program. Schools would receive cuts in funding because refusing states would have to use more of their own funds to cover healthcare and other state programs.

A complete rejection of the Affordable Care Act would adversely affect the country, and if SJR 16 were to be passed, it would go directly to a vote for the people of Texas on November 3, 2015.