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Uninsured Emergency Room Visits Decrease in California

Posted on February 11, 2012 by adminadmin

By improving the American public’s access to health insurance, the Affordable Care Act set out to dramatically reduce the percentage of uninsured individuals across the country. After one open-enrollment period, more than seven million people purchased health coverage from the Health Insurance Marketplace. The amount of uninsured Americans decreased notably from 17.7 to 12.4 percent. Obamacare was working. Now, with each week that goes by, health industry experts look for its ripples. The latest discovery involves California emergency rooms: not nearly as many uninsured patients are visiting emergency rooms. In the second quarter of 2013, 23,686 uninsured patients visited emergency...Continue reading →

Texas Starts Preemptive Battle Against Obamacare

Posted on February 3, 2012 by adminadmin

Since the proposal of the healthcare law known as the Affordable Care Act, conservatives and cynics of the legislation have called for repeal. Others were more lenient towards the idea of healthcare reform, but only if it began with Obamacare’s repeal. Now, officials from the state of Texas have come up with a different plan to battle the law, and policy experts are already saying that it could be the most effective strategy employed by the opposition to date. The state of Texas is looking to pass its own bill. On November 18, Sen. Donna Campbell (R- New Braunfels) introduced...Continue reading →

10 Million People Have Received Health Insurance in Past Year

Posted on January 30, 2012 by adminadmin

Upon its establishment, the creators of the Affordable Care Act set out to get more Americans health insurance than ever before. By expanding Medicaid and changing the laws that health insurance companies abide by (such as mandating the coverage of preexisting conditions), members of the Obama administration claim that they have achieved their goal. In the healthcare law’s first year, more than seven million people enrolled in the health insurance exchanges created by Obamacare. A recent survey done by the Urban Institute indicates that more than 10 million people received health insurance since the launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace....Continue reading →

Pennsylvania Introduces New Medicaid Program

Posted on January 29, 2012 by adminadmin

On Monday, December 1, 2014, the state of Pennsylvania finally launched its Medicaid coverage plan. Though one year late, because outgoing Gov. Tom Corbett wanted to receive the government’s approval for some changes he wanted to implement in the bill, the expansion offering will not veer off course. The new program is now known as Healthy Pennsylvania, and coverage for the people affected by the updated Medicaid program will begin on January 1, 2015. Officials of the state of Pennsylvania say that the number of newly eligible residents amounts to 600,000. These are low-income Pennsylvania residents who need health insurance,...Continue reading →


Obamacare Set to Pass Projections

Posted on January 26, 2012 by adminadmin

Monday, December 15 was the first important deadline for Obamacare enrollment in 2014. Those who enrolled in healthcare through the Health Insurance Marketplace would have their insurance plans kick in on January 1. The sign-up structure has not changed from last year, but recent reports indicate that a new year is making all the difference for the Obama administration and its healthcare law. Unlike last year, the second open-enrollment has not experienced any significant hiccups. The result as of December 5 is that 1.4 million people have signed up for health insurance through The enrollees come from 37 different...Continue reading →


Health Insurers Move to Support ACA

Posted on January 14, 2012 by adminadmin

The health insurance industry has always sided with proponents of keeping the status quo. When rumors of an Affordable Care Act first began to swirl, health agency upon health agency threw in support for the Republican Party. The healthcare industry simply didn’t want the change promised by President Obama. Four years after the implementation of the ACA, these same companies are singing a different tune. The very same players that supported Republicans in 2008, during President Obama’s first election, have now changed sides. However, their motives remain the same. With the GOP campaigning to repeal or at least reform Obamacare,...Continue reading →


Health Industry Jobs Increase in the Wake of Obamacare Enrollment

Posted on January 8, 2012 by adminadmin

Jobs have always been an important topic for the American public. So at first, when President Obama presented the idea of the Affordable Care Act, some citizens wondered why the government wasn’t focusing on increasing the employment rate, especially as the country made its way out of a lengthy recession. But after a full year of increased U.S. healthcare, the U.S. jobs report indicates that this goal was met as well. Thanks to the implementation of Obamacare and the fact that Americans have more access to medical care, jobs in the health industry have increased significantly. In the health industry...Continue reading →


Is Disinformation Key in Repealing Obamacare?

Posted on January 6, 2012 by adminadmin

Four years into the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans continue to call for repeal. Even after the expansion of Medicaid in 27 states and the District of Columbia, some argue for the removal of the healthcare law in its entirety. Others simply want to eliminate certain amenities of the law, keeping others – but only after repeal is achieved. With the GOP now in control of Congress, conservatives have begun to declare the Affordable Care Act’s days numbered. But not many of these politicians have provided an explanation as to how this will be achieved. Now cynics of...Continue reading →