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President Obama Talks Obamacare in State of the Union

Posted on February 11, 2014 by admin

After the Affordable Care Act transitioned from a bill to a law, President Obama had not been focusing his State of the Unions on health care reform. President Obama decided to stir things up by incorporating Obamacare into his speech this year. Approximately 7% of his speech, which equals about 5 minutes of speaking time, were dedicated his accomplishments regarding the Affordable Care Act. President Obama had not allotted this much time on health care reform since his State of the Union in 2010, when he called attention to Congress’s moves to stall the ACA bill into becoming law.
There are certain reasons why President Obama would steer away from talking about the Affordable Care Act. There was an extremely long and drawn out implementation of the ACA, which also offered little information on its success in 2011, so he avoided talking about it then. In 2012 Obama only briefly mentioned the ACA because it was during an election year. But at his 2014 State of the Union, he embraced the new law and focused on the positive effects it has had on America. He initiated this subject by speaking about an early Affordable Care Act success story. He concentrated on one woman named Amanda Shelley, who used to be an uninsured single mother who, through Obamacare, was able to be covered beginning January 1. Amanda had a preexisting condition where she needed surgery, and without the coverage that Obamacare provided, she would have gone bankrupt.
President Obama continued to explain that more than 9 million American citizens enrolled in private health care plans or Medicaid coverage. Although there has been great success, Obama stated that not enough had been done, and there is still a lot to accomplish. He suggested that every single person who knows someone without health care to register for a plan by March 31st, which marks the end of open enrollment for the ACA.