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Obamacare Set to Pass Projections

Posted on January 26, 2012 by admin

Monday, December 15 was the first important deadline for Obamacare enrollment in 2014. Those who enrolled in healthcare through the Health Insurance Marketplace would have their insurance plans kick in on January 1. The sign-up structure has not changed from last year, but recent reports indicate that a new year is making all the difference for the Obama administration and its healthcare law.

Unlike last year, the second open-enrollment has not experienced any significant hiccups. The result as of December 5 is that 1.4 million people have signed up for health insurance through The enrollees come from 37 different states. Representatives of the Kaiser Family Foundation, namely Senior Vice President Larry Levitt, believe that this impressive turnaround will help the Affordable Care Act surpass its original goal of having 9.1 million Americans signed up for private health insurance by the close of the open-enrollment period on February 15, 2015.

In an email correspondence, Levitt stated that Obamacare should meet its goal “quite comfortably,” indicating that the program would exceed the administration’s initial expectations. Vice President of Avalere Health, Caroline Pearson, is in agreement.

Pearson estimated that approximately five million new consumers would enroll in healthcare during this second enrollment period. This is in addition to the six million Americans that experts expect to renew their insurance in 2014.

Right now, the focus is on attaining the desired numbers. Pearson and other healthcare experts believe that President Obama wields the power to attract more enrollees by continuing to increase awareness among Americans, just as he did last year with various promotions. Clearly, President Obama understands the importance of his role. Most recently, the President called for Americans to enroll in a health plan during an appearance on Comedy Central’s the Colbert Report, in which he told the young men and women of America that they can be covered for “less than $100″ per month.