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Obamacare Offers Pregnant Women Additional Coverage Through Medicaid

Posted on October 13, 2012 by admin

Pop comes the baby! This is the classic wrench in the plan, and a substantial amount of women – about 50 percent – are not financially prepared to give birth. As did many of the new enrollees in the Affordable Care Act, some of these women didn’t pick their policy based on benefits. They chose based on price. And as their baby bump continues to build, thoughts begin to enter their mind. They understand that a birth can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. So they wonder how they’re going to afford this. They ask whether they’ll ever see an exotic location again!

To the more pressing question: yes, they will get to vacation once more. And they can thank the Affordable Care Act for such feasibility. Because of Obamacare, there is a way for the expenses of pregnancy and birth to be reduced, as this program gives pregnant women a few new options to exercise.

First of all, low-income women can choose to stay on Medicaid alone, because their state may offer comprehensive coverage due to their financial standing. However, for those pregnant women who already enrolled in a private health insurance policy under the healthcare law, they will be able to receive superior benefits if they choose to accept Medicaid care as well. Furthermore, because of their private insurance policy, they won’t have to worry about their care expiring after the birth of their child, which is the case with maternity-only Medicaid.

The only requirement – aside from pregnancy, of course – is income. In New York, which is one such state to accept the expansion, the percent of the federal poverty level that determines eligibility is now a robust 223 percent. In Alabama, an expansion rejecter, it’s just 141 percent. This goes to show that expanding states have a greater ability to encompass more clients as they pertain to pregnant women who are interested in Medicaid.

Officials opposed to Obamacare seem to have endless arrows in their quiver of complaints. They continue to bring up the failed online launch. They constantly point at the rising insurance premiums. And these citizens have every right to do so – quite literally – due to their freedom of speech. However, in this instance of assisting future mothers, the Affordable Care Act and its Medicaid expansion have made an impressive stride, one that cannot be torn down with a worthy argument.