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Obamacare Keeping Medicare Costs Low in Alabama

Posted on November 6, 2014 by admin

Affordability and access: those are the two main focuses of the Affordable Care Act. One year into its establishment, critics and champions of the ACA continue to judge the legislation based on these two factors – most recently in the state of Alabama, where Obamacare has kept Medicare affordable and accessible to over 800,000 recipients.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell has released a statement saying that Medicare Part B premiums and deductibles will not change in the year 2015. Both will remain at the same level they were in 2013 and 2014, which means that premiums will remain inflexible at an affordable $104.90 and $147, respectively.

When stating where credit was due, Burwell was quick to name the Affordable Care Act, saying that the low premiums and deductibles could only be maintained because of the “slower healthcare cost growth within Medicare since passage of the Affordable Care Act.” She also acknowledged that the ACA continues to work toward the improvement of access and affordability for “seniors and people with disabilities.”

This is especially important when considering the fact that the average Medicare Part D premium is set to increase to $32 per month in 2015.

While the increase in Part D costs does affect the state, these residents of the state of Alabama will pay $16 million less than what they were projected to pay for the coming year because of the fact that Medicare Part B premiums remained at steady levels for a second straight year.

From the Medicaid expansion to its effects on Medicare and hospitals across the country, the Affordable Care Act is maintaining low costs to keep its most important promises. Healthcare remains affordable. It remains accessible. Going in the right direction at the end of its first year, all that remains is to wonder what the Affordable Care Act will bring in year two.