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ObamaCare Enrollment Delayed Until After the 2014 midterms

Posted on July 25, 2013 by admin

Yesterday, the Obama Care administration announced that it will delay the start of next year’s Obama Care enrollment. The Obama Care Administration stated that starting November 15, 2014, consumers can begin to sign up instead of the projected October 15th, 2014 enrollment date. The enrollment time period will also last for longer than one week as originally said and the window to sign up will be two months. The administration has made the pitch that by delaying the launch of the Obama Care program it will give insurance companies and consumers adequate time to review options available to them. This decision to push the date of open enrollment is also convenient in that it takes place right after the midterm elections of 2014.

The Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed that this delay is in fact true but will not affect any individuals who would like to sign up this year, even though there have been so many problems associated with the launch of This delay will only affect those people who might sign up for coverage for 2105 in next year’s enrollment period of November 15, 2014 to January 15, 2015. Consumers see this change as good news. With this delay consumers will not feel rushed and will have time to educate themselves with Obama Care and make the best decisions for them and their families.

By delaying the date of the enrollment period to next year, the administration happens to also delay any issues that could come up until after the midterm elections. How convenient? Many Democrats that are up for election in 2014 have been to date some of the greatest critics of the current Obama Care rollout. They might be breathing a little easier knowing that the midterm elections will precede the new Obama Care rollout.

Last week Obama addressed the American people and put to rest some concerns that have been having over Obama Care . One of those concerns was that any consumers who have had their insurance plans cancelled will be able to get their plans reinstated through their insurance company. The Department of Health and Human Services have agreed with the delay saying it would help consumers have more time to educate themselves with Obama Care to make better decision without feeling rushed and they would have more time to work out the many many glitches with Hopefully, this move of delaying will improve the public’s opinion of Obama Care by the time enrollment opens in November 2014.