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Obamacare Disapproval Ratings Misleading American Public

Posted on December 16, 2012 by admin

A recent Gallup poll indicates that 37 percent of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act. The 37 percent is actually one percentage point lower than the approval ratings recorded in January 2014, and represents the lowest ratings Obamacare has seen since its peak in approval in 2012. The percentage of those surveyed who disapprove of the healthcare law came out to 56 percent, which is a record high.

The Gallup poll was conducted between the dates of November 6 and November 9 of 2014, just days after midterm elections and days before the onset of the second open-enrollment period on November 15. All of the 828 adults who were polled were at least 18 years of age and lived in the United States. However, these numbers do not paint a full picture of the state of the Affordable Care Act. They also do not convey its positive impact.

For instance, the poll only differentiates its subjects based on their party affiliation and race. It does not take into account key components, such as if they have purchased health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. An earlier Gallup poll showed that more than 70 percent of the Americans who purchased coverage from the Marketplace described their healthcare as “excellent” or “good” later in the year. Given that this is a demographic directly linked to the Affordable Care Act, a substantial amount of consideration should be given to these findings, even if the study did not reveal each subject’s party affiliation.

Days into the second open-enrollment period and without any scandals to speak of, the Affordable Care Act is working. The Health Insurance Marketplace is providing health plan options to the millions of uninsured Americans all across the country. By and large, the aforementioned Gallup poll indicates that these plans are not only fulfilling their purpose in giving people coverage, but they may also be changing the way that citizens are thinking about the healthcare law and its positive effects.