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Obama Care Pros and Cons

Posted on August 5, 2013 by admin

After President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law in 2010, everyone has been asking what it is. People are curious as to how it is going to affect them. Everyone wants to know what the long term effects of Obama Care will be. Only time will tell if this was as good of an idea as the Congress believed when they signed it and made it a law. As with most things, there are good points and bad points for this landmark law. It is up to Americans to decide if this is what they really want from the government.

Pros of Obama Care

To begin with, the Affordable Care Act is going to make health care insurance available to everyone in America. Not only that, but with the government subsidies that will be provided, the coverage will be affordable to everyone. This is the first time in the history of this country that this will happen. Along with that, Obama Care will provide the health care industry with many reforms that will also benefit people. Things like pre-existing conditions will simply be wiped out. This will allow people to move from one company to another in order to keep their rates down.
Something else that will make getting this new health care very easy is the creation of the Marketplace. This is a one stop web site where you can purchase your insurance and get any questions answered. You can visit to find out everything you need to know about Obama Care.

Cons of Obama Care

As with everything, there are going to be things that people will not like. There are going to be things that do not help out everyone. Obama Care is no different. For example, one of the biggest parts of contention is that fact that you will now be required to have health insurance. If you do not purchase health insurance by January 1, 2014 you will be charged a penalty. This could be as high as 1% of your yearly income.
In addition, there is the smoking surcharge. Beginning in 2015, there will be a surcharge added to everyone’s insurance policy that smokes. While the idea behind this is to encourage people to stop smoking, it equates to an extra tax on already highly taxed cigarettes. Another con, as it pertains to Obama Care, is that it forces Americans to trade freedom for security. The decision as to how you spend your money should be one that is left up to you. Whether you are talking about health care insurance or groceries, you should be able to choose. The biggest con to Obama Care is that this freedom is taken away from citizens.