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Obama Care Myths

Posted on August 5, 2013 by admin

Obama Care Myths:

Myth: I’ll have to pay a fine if I don’t get health insurance under Obama Care.

Truth: This one has more than a few grains of truth. Though the wording in the bill itself does not include the term “fine,” if you do not have a health insurance policy by 2016, you will have to pay a tax penalty which could cost as much as $1200. This is the most hotly contested portion of the Obama Care bill.

Myth: Even with Obama Care, I won’t be able to get insurance because of a preexisting condition.

Truth: This is absolutely false. Not only will preexisting conditions not cause you to be denied health insurance, Obama Care effectively puts a cap on the premiums that insurance companies can charge you because of your illness or disorder.

Myth: When Obama Care is completely in effect, I will have to get a microchip implanted for identification purposes.

Truth: This is the work of conspiracy theorists. There is absolutely nothing in any of the language of the Obama Care bill that even makes reference to microchips.

Myth: Obama Care will cause the standard of living to decrease.

Truth: None of the numbers crunchers have been able to show definitive proof that everyday life will cost you more because of Obama Care. This bill will not lower your wages or raise your taxes.