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Obama Administration Adjusts Tactics to Attract Enrollees

Posted on December 4, 2012 by admin

Obamacare’s first open-enrollment period had its hitches. featured numerous bugs, which left the American public disgruntled and highly critical of the administration’s health insurance rollout. One year later, the Obama administration seeks to right previous wrongs. They are approaching the second open-enrollment period with the same strategy – get people covered – but they’re employing different tactics.

Whereas last year, President Obama was tweeting about the need to get health coverage, along with Katy Perry, the days leading up to November 15 have been quiet. For the architects marketing the Health Insurance Marketplace this year, that seems to be the point.

Just days before open enrollment commences, promotion from the President of the United States has been limited. While his Twitter account does feature its fair share of calls to action to purchase coverage, President Obama is not pushing the issue with as much force as last year. The benefit of his decreased screen time is that critics of the Affordable Care Act or the administration itself will be less effective in their attempts to create an ideological battle out of health insurance enrollment. Instead of having a presidential punching bag to swing at, these individuals are only faced with signs that convey the need to sign up for health insurance and the importance of having coverage.

In addition, by not building up anticipation, the Obama administration is conveying its focus on more important issues, namely removing bugs from the Health Insurance Marketplace before it re-launches. Then, when is finally launched, officials say they will emphasize the importance of getting coverage closer to the tail-end of the period, as procrastinators have proven to be common, rather than at enrollment’s onset.

Another way that the Obama administration is planning to garner more attention is by directing certain ads at certain demographics. Advertisements on the radio, for instance, are now being employed to reach out to Latin Americans who require help with the enrollment process. In many cases, online ads are replacing TV spots for healthcare enrollment to better boost awareness.

By refining their technique, President Obama and his administration are still preaching the importance of obtaining affordable health coverage. However, with these subtle differences, they’ll be able to do so in a more effective manner.