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NAACP Holding Symbolic Funeral for Those Missing Out

Posted on November 3, 2012 by admin

The North Carolina National Association for the Advancement of Colored People held a funeral march Monday, October 20, in Raleigh. The group said they are honoring the thousands of people who have suffered as a result of the state’s decision to refuse the Medicaid expansion offered and re-offered by the Obama administration.

Beginning with a news conference that boasted medical experts and a number of those afflicted by North Carolina’s refusal of the coverage, the symbolic ceremony ended with members of the organization carrying caskets to the General Assembly in recognition of the damage that NC officials have caused.

One year after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and with it, the Medicaid expansion, and there are still states with thousands of residents who struggle to cover their medical expenses. By following the example of states like Missouri and not expanding their Medicaid offering, North Carolina still features individuals who earn too much to be covered by their state’s current non-expanded program.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are also those North Carolina residents who earn too little income to even qualify for the federal tax credits that were created to assist the financially challenged in paying for health insurance. However, a lack of protection is hardly the only effect of North Carolina’s decision not to expand the government program. In their rally, the NAACP of the state also discussed how, along with a substantial loss of life, the refusal to expand Medicaid has also caused the loss of healthcare, jobs and hospitals.

In September, Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos declared that together with her agency, she was gathering information on ways to expand Medicaid under the current national healthcare law. One month later, citizens like those from North Carolina continue to suffer, and there are still no positive findings.

With each passing month, analysts find wisdom in the decision to expand a state’s Medicaid program, from an increase in healthcare jobs to improved care, but time has made it clear that certain states are disinterested in proof of success. Some officials will refuse the extended hand no matter how attractive its offerings.