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Is Disinformation Key in Repealing Obamacare?

Posted on January 6, 2012 by admin

Four years into the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans continue to call for repeal. Even after the expansion of Medicaid in 27 states and the District of Columbia, some argue for the removal of the healthcare law in its entirety. Others simply want to eliminate certain amenities of the law, keeping others – but only after repeal is achieved.

With the GOP now in control of Congress, conservatives have begun to declare the Affordable Care Act’s days numbered. But not many of these politicians have provided an explanation as to how this will be achieved. Now cynics of the law are revealing their interest in one particular avenue: changing public perception by replacing the Chief of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

In 2012, the CBO stated that the national deficit would decrease by $109 billion over the next 10 years thanks to Obamacare. Conservatives called this claim nonsense. They said that the CBO was making the Affordable Care Act seem more successful than it was, and that supporters were tampering with the numbers. The Congressional Budget Office and various economic experts refuted the claims of these conservatives. But with more power in Congress, Republicans can finally push out the active Chief of the CBO Doug Elmendorf, and replace him with someone willing to paint the Affordable Care Act in a less flattering light.

By electing a Chief CBO officer who is willing to make Obamacare seem more costly than it really is, and by changing the way the Congressional Budget Office calculates the ACA’s effects on the national budget, Republicans may succeed in their fight for repeal. It all comes down to the taxpayers. The impression that the Affordable Care Act has created a large burden on American taxpayers could easily sway public opinion into doing away with the evidently beneficial healthcare law that has decreased the number of uninsured Americans by a total of 5.3 percent (17.7 to 12.4 percent) and made health insurance more accessible and affordable than ever before.