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Government Revamps Online Marketplace Early

Posted on September 16, 2012 by admin

Government Revamps Online Marketplace Early

Few have forgotten the disastrous launch of the Obama Care online marketplace. The chaos and associated frustration have been well noted. And the Obama administration will not see that happen again. To prevent such a recurrence, the federal government is taking preliminary measures to revamp the marketplace, their – albeit lofty – goal being a seamless enrollment period in 2015.

The Wall Street Journal reports that officials are removing major pieces from to ensure that the same stubborn glitches from last year do not make a return. That’s not to say that the process will be quick and painless. In fact, some experts wonder whether the feat can even be accomplished. The timeline of the revamp, given that the next enrollment period begins November 15, leaves little margin for error. But the Obama administration is employing the assistance of an online marketplace mogul, Amazon.

The federal government was working on an automated system to handle the payment of insurers through, but said construction was taking longer than expected. However, with Inc.’s assistance – via their cloud computing web services to host these operations – the new and improved marketplace may be right back on schedule.

Forethought is a welcome sight on the part of the Obama administration, especially as it relates to a critical aspect of the Affordable Care Act – the online marketplace – that was often criticized as not being thought-through. Given that the original launch was riddled with issues and mocked throughout the globe, there’s no question that the federal government is handling its chance at redemption in the right way. And while the tight timeline is certainly a cause for concern, there is enough reason to believe that the enrollment period can very well go smoothly, if not at least more smoothly than the first time. As your parents always told you – practice makes perfect.