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Gov. John Kasich: Repeal Obamacare, Keep Medicaid Expansion

Posted on October 28, 2012 by admin

Obamacare has faced staunch opposition since its inception. The moment that the Affordable Care Act was implemented as healthcare legislation, critics were calling for its repeal.

One voice heard in the crowd was that of Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has spoken out against the law on multiple occasions. Recently misquoted by the Associated Press, which had the official saying that repeal of the healthcare legislation was “not gonna happen,” Gov. Kasich felt it necessary to restate his position:

“I never have (supported Obamacare), and I believe it should be repealed.” The Ohio Governor also added that if the Republicans do manage to take their fight against the healthcare law to the Senate, then “you better believe they’re gonna repeal Obamacare.”

Note, however, that this is the same official whose state of Ohio is reaping the rewards of an expanded Medicaid system, with thousands of new enrollees receiving new coverage due to the establishment of the Affordable Care Act.

Though this may be viewed as hypocrisy, Gov. Kasich simply does not see the expansion of the Medicaid program as “connected” to the Affordable Care Act.

In the very same statement, the Ohio official revealed that he has “favored expanding Medicaid.” Gov. Kasich goes on to say that achieving “real improvements in people’s lives” was reason enough to accept the Obama administration’s offering and ignore the “political or ideological” opposition on the part of his fellow conservatives. Yet, even though he acknowledges that the Medicaid expansion was a “feature…contained in Obamacare,” he still refuses to acknowledge the growth of the program as a “part and parcel” of the ACA.

Obamacare was implemented to make healthcare more accessible and more affordable. The expansion of the nation’s Medicaid program spearheaded this movement and helped the Obama administration do exactly that. Today, in every state that accepted the offer to expand its program, more people are eligible for healthcare under Medicaid.

Given that the residents of Ohio are enjoying these benefits, Gov. Kasich would have no reason to fight the law – except to save face. With elections rapidly approaching, the governor needs to maintain the support of the conservative constituents he bypassed when accepting the Medicaid expansion offer. Evidently, Gov. Kasich believed that calling for at least the partial repeal of the law and rationalizing a paper-thin division between the Medicaid expansion and the controversial term “Obamacare” was the most effective way to do so.