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Obama Care Explained

Posted on July 30, 2013 by admin

Not since the end of World War Two has there been something as important as Obama Care. This law also known as Obama Care, affects everyone in America. This health care reform bill will change everything about the way that America does business. The biggest problem with the Affordable Care Act is that it is very complicated and most Americans do not understand how it is going to affect them. There needs to be one place where everyone can go to get a simple explanation of the benefits of this new law.

How Obama Care Works

The main idea behind the bill is that it provides health care coverage for every American. In the past, if your employer did not offer health care coverage then it was very difficult to obtain coverage on your own. Now with Obama Care you simply go to and you can find coverage for your family. This is the Marketplace where you can discover all of the benefits you are eligible for. This is also where you will find how much in subsidies you will qualify for. These subsidies are designed to make the healthcare more affordable for everyone.

While there are plenty of limitations, this is where most people will go in order to obtain their affordable health care. This is also where you will find out all of the exemptions to Obama Care and if you qualify for them. The exemptions are designed to help families that simply cannot afford health care insurance.


Personal Responsibility

One of the items of contention is the fact that everyone will have to purchase health insurance. According to Obama Care every man, woman, and child in America will need to have health care coverage by January 1, 2014. If you do not buy insurance by the deadline you will be charged a penalty of up to $280.00 per family. This penalty will be added to your income tax return in 2015. While it is unknown how this penalty will be tracked, this is the plan as of now.


Before everyone goes running around talking about the penalties for not having insurance, there are exemptions to the penalty. For example, if your overall insurance bill will exceed 8% of your yearly income, you will not be charged a penalty. In addition if you are not a citizen or if you will not file an income tax refund you are also exempt. There are many other reasons that you will find yourself exempt from Obama Care, so look to the Marketplace to find out if your situation qualifies. As stated before, this is a very complicated law that will affect everyone differently. So before you panic do your research and find out exactly how it affects you and your family.