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Obamacare in Missouri

Obamacare is an affordable healthcare program instituted under the Obama administration several years ago. It is also known as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, and since its inception it has grown and expanded in all U.S. states, including Missouri. As of February, 2016 253,430 were either enrolled in Obamacare in Missouri for the first time or re-enrolled in it. In 2015, after the application of tax credits, approximately 69 percent of Missouri residents enrolled in Obamacare were receiving coverage for no more than $100. Additionally, there were an average of 20 different Obamacare health insurance plans available in each Missouri county in 2015. For more information regarding the Obamacare enrollment process, see the details provided below:

  • Did Missouri accept the ACA Medicaid expansion?
  • Does the state or federal government run the health insurance exchange in Missouri?
  • Eligibility for Obamacare in Missouri
  • How to apply for Obamacare in Missouri
  • Health plan cost and availability in Missouri

 Did Missouri Accept the ACA Medicaid expansion?

What is the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion? The Obamacare, or Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion, consists of additional benefits offered by the federal government for individuals and families who fall 133 percent or more below the poverty level. Under the ACA Medicaid expansion, applicants whose incomes were below that level (and who were accepted into the program) would be given free health care. Obamacare Medicaid applications are made available to all MO residents, regardless of income levels.

What is the ACA Medicaid expansion cost to states? The federal government offered the Obamacare Medicaid expansion to all states fully funded for three years. After that point each state would have to pay up to 10 percent, while the federal government continued to cover the rest of the costs. Missouri and several other states declined. Fears about specific Obamacare Medicaid expansion details and coming up with remaining funds played a large part in that decision.

What is the expansion of Medicaid capable of doing for Missouri? As of early 2016, only 17,567 Missouri residents had healthcare through the Obamacare program. Projections indicate that the addition of free Obamacare Medicaid eligibility under the expansion could raise that number by approximately 253,000.

Does the State or Federal Government Run the Health Insurance Exchange in Missouri?

What is the marketplace for health insurance and how is it maintained? The Obamacare health insurance exchange, or marketplace, is a system of websites for each state that allows Obamacare applicants to browse information about healthcare plans in the area. Some Obamacare healthcare marketplace websites are maintained on the federal level, and Missouri's is one of them. Other states maintain their own websites or work in conjunction with the federal government to operate the states' websites.

What is the health insurance exchange in Missouri primarily used for? Obamacare applicants residing in Missouri can use Missouri's online Obamacare healthcare marketplace to both sign up for Obamacare itself, and select particular healthcare plans through Obamacare once they are enrolled in the program. Each of the healthcare providers listed on the online marketplace has been approved. Set health insurance exchange regulations and standards are followed by each of the listed providers on the exchange, allowing Obamacare applicants to quickly compare benefits and drawbacks and choose a plan that suits their needs

Eligibility for Obamacare in Missouri

When determining who is eligible for Obamacare in Missouri, applicants should be aware that they will be required to pay copays and deductibles. The state does not offer the Medicaid expansion, and therefore does not offer totally free Obamacare health coverage.

What are the requirements to apply for Obamacare? Determining the Obamacare coverage eligibility requirements and how to qualify for Obamacare in Missouri is a fairly straightforward process. Applicants should begin by looking at the current Obamacare income requirements for their area, which change annually. However, Obamacare coverage eligibility requirements are not limited to income alone. Affordable Care Act applicants must also be able to prove that they are Missouri residents and currently live in the specific Missouri county where they are applying to receive assistance.

How to Apply for Obamacare in Missouri

The process of how to enroll in Obamacare in Missouri is fairly simple. ACA applicants can go to specific offices to ask how to apply for Obamacare insurance in person or request a paper application form, which must then be filled out and mailed back. The application process can also be initiated over the phone.

“Can I apply online for Obamacare and “What is needed to sign up for Obamacare?” are questions that applicants often have. When it comes to where to apply for Obamacare, online is a definite option. How to enroll in Obamacare in Missouri is clearly explained on the Obamacare marketplace website.

The answer to “What do I need to apply for Obamacare?” is that each applicant needs to provide as much proof of citizenship, residency, and income as possible. The main part of how to get Obamacare assistance comes down to applicants being able to prove that they are Missouri residents with low incomes. That requires producing things like social security numbers, pay stubs, and birth certificates. It is advisable that all Obamacare applicants have as much of that information handy as possible, whether filling out a paper or online form, applying by phone, or going to a local office to apply.

Health Plan Cost and Availability in Missouri

How much will Obamacare insurance cost me? That question is difficult to answer because Obamacare health insurance price estimates can vary quite a bit from one Missouri county to the next. They can also change depending on the size of the Obamacare applicant's family and his or her household income level. Additionally, each year the number of healthcare providers in Missouri that participate in the program changes. For example, in 2017 Cigna intends to remain part of the exchange in Missouri, but may raise its rates as much as 9 percent. Humana could raise its rates as much as 34.9 percent. Therefore, the amount each Obamacare member will pay will depend greatly on what is offered in his or her county, and which plan they eventually choose.

How much does Obamacare cost on average in Missouri? In 2015 the average pre-subsidy cost for Obamacare health insurance in Missouri was $370 per month, which lowered to $86 after subsidies. However, not every person or household received those rates, and the average rates change from year to year. Obamacare health insurance plans costs really cannot be determined exactly until the application process is complete because of the different plan levels, income levels, and geographic poverty levels.