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Obamacare in Hawaii

Hawaii, with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act healthcare platform, saw approximately 12,625 consumers select and enroll in healthcare. They join the nearly 11.7 million Americans who also took advantage of the newly federalized Obamacare program. Seventy-seven percent of Hawaiian residents qualified for tax credits, with approximately 5,126 young Hawaiians (under age 35) signed up for Obamacare. For more information on healthcare in Hawaii, or for details concerning Obamacare in Hawaii, read below:

  • Did Hawaii accept the Obamacare Medicaid expansion?
  • Does the state or federal government run the health insurance exchange in Hawaii?
  • Eligibility for Obamacare in Hawaii
  • How to apply for Obamacare in Hawaii
  • Health plan cost and availability in Hawaii

Did Hawaii Accept the ACA Medicaid Expansion?

The Obamacare Medicaid expansion in HI was adopted when it was extended to all states shortly after the implementation of Obamacare in all US states. What is the expansion of Medicaid?  In Hawaii, families, or individuals, who are 133 percent below the average salary in their area will qualify for Medicaid under the new ruling.  For many Hawaiians, the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion came at a crucial time when many residents were not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid, and yet they were not affluent enough to afford the most basic of the marketplace plans.  The ACA Medicaid expansion also included previously excluded groups such as non-elderly with no children, and those with pre-existing conditions.

Obamacare Medicaid eligibility in HI is determined by income and geographic location in the islands. Those believing they may qualify can submit an Obamacare Medicaid application either through the marketplace, or in a state office. What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion? Hawaii was one of 30 states that adopted the expansion, with some states abstaining due to their about ACA Medicaid expansion cost to states. For more information on Obamacare Medicaid expansion details the marketplace explains in detail the benefits and the costs associated.

Does the State or Federal Government Run the Health Insurance Exchange in Hawaii ?

Hawaii has switched from its own state-based exchange to the Obamacare health insurance exchange. The state struggled for two years with its own state-based exchange, but in 2016 opted to switch over to the more intuitive and faster federal marketplace. What is the health insurance exchange in HI and what is the marketplace for health insurance? These are just two different names for the same thing. Beginning in 2017, HI will fully engage with the federal government’s platform, having received funding to train navigators to assist enrollees. Although the government is responsible for maintaining the health insurance exchange regulations, HI will be very active in certifying plans and carriers who offer insurance through the exchange.  Thus, the Obamacare healthcare marketplace will still be essentially Hawaiian.

Eligibility for Obamacare in Hawaii

Many in HI wonder how to qualify for Obamacare if their salaries are not below poverty level. However, who is eligible for Obamacare is not figured based on income, though income disclosure is required. Obamacare coverage eligibility requirements stipulate that applicants meet the following conditions: Not currently be enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare; Not be enrolled in healthcare through an employer; Not be incarcerated in a correctional facility.

What are the requirements to apply for Obamacare in HI? Applicants will be asked to provide several forms of documentation, as well as provide household and employment information. Residents of HI should note that Obamacare income requirements are merely for the disclosure of premiums rates, as well as qualifying applicants for the proper subsidies. With nearly 89 percent of Islanders qualified for some sort of tax credit, it is to the applicant’s benefit to provide this information.

How to Apply for Obamacare in Hawaii
Those needing to determine how to enroll in Obamacare in HI have several options to choose from.  The actual application will give detailed instructions on how to get Obamacare in HI, and will even submit the application once it is finished, providing the applicant has signed up online. Those applicants who ask, “What do I need to apply for Obamacare in HI?” should make sure to bring the following when applying:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Medical records
  • Current insurance policy (if any)
  • Paystubs and work information
  • Tax returns
  • Proof of residency

Hawaii has trained navigators who can assist those who are worried about how to apply for Obamacare insurance using the online platform. These assistants can also answer questions 24/7 in regards to questions such as where to apply for Obamacare in HI, or “Can I apply online for Obamacare?” They can also answer detailed questions about what is needed to sign up for Obamacare, so that the application process is a smooth one. Applicants are also given the option to call and have a trained navigator fill out the form for the applicant.

Health Plan Cost and Availability in Hawaii 

How much does Obamacare cost in HI? Currently, Hawaii only has two carriers, Hawaii Medical Service Association, and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. Obamacare health insurance plans costs are computed based on the information that an applicant provides on the application. Based on the information, Obamacare health insurance price estimates for premiums and plans are presented for the consumer to compare and view.

Plans come in many levels and types, running from bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Bronze plans offer the minimum coverage required by law, and require the participant to pay hefty out of pocket fees before coverage begins. Compared to the platinum plan, which has low out of pocket expenses, the platinum plan costs more per month to have. Catastrophic plans are only offered to those under the age of 30 who need hospital insurance in case of an accident.

For those who would like to know, “How much will Obamacare insurance cost me in HI?” a wide estimate shows that for a family of four, selecting a silver plan, making a salary of $40,000, the premium would run approximately $123 a month. Without financial assistance in the way of subsidies, the family would pay nearly $784 a month for the same coverage. For an exact estimate based on personal information and numbers, applicants can use the estimator tool available on the exchange.