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Obamacare in California

Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, was created to provide affordable healthcare nationwide. In California, 1,412,200 residents were eligible to select, or were re-enrolled in, quality healthcare plans. Since its inception, Obamacare has allowed about 16.4 million uninsured Americans to afford medical coverage—many for the first time. Obamacare has caused the largest reduction of uninsured U.S. citizens in nearly forty years. In California, the uninsured rates dropped approximately six percent. Some of the consumer benefits include lowered monthly payments, parents being able to retain their children on their policies until age 26, and the ability to change plans during enrollment periods, or special enrollment periods. To learn more about Obamacare in California, read through the topics below:

  • Did California accept the Obamacare Medicaid expansion?
  • Does the state or federal government run the health insurance exchange in California
  • Eligibility for Obamacare in California
  • How to apply for Obamacare in California
  • Health plan cost and availability in California

Did California accept the ACA Medicaid expansion?

California, as well as thirty other states, have adopted the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion. What is the expansion of Medicaid? The ACA Medicaid expansion was extended by the federal government to aid Americans there were still not able to afford healthcare. Obamacare Medicaid expansion in CA is for families or individuals whose income fall below 133 percent of the federal poverty level, which is set at an average of $32,253 annual income for a family as of 2015. The expansion was also extended to include adults without children, and individuals who are impoverished but not elderly.

The California Obamacare Medicaid application has made it possible for approximately 3,013,138 in-state residents to gain medical care through Medicaid, or CHIP, since the launch of open enrollment. Obamacare Medicaid eligibility in CA is based largely upon a person’s citizenship status and income as compared to the county where the application is filed. Obamacare candidates wondering, “What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion?” should understand that this initiative was launched after the successful release of the initial Obamacare program. While 30 states have adopted the expansion package, many have not, citing ACA Medicaid expansion cost to states was not a burden that the states wanted to place on their taxpayers. Obamacare Medicaid expansion details are available for California residents who would like to take a closer look at all of the tenants provided within the mandates.

Does the state or federal government run the health insurance exchange in California?

What is the health insurance exchange in California? The Obamacare health insurance exchange in California is offered through a state-specific exchange, called a marketplace. The Obamacare healthcare marketplace offers online price comparison features where consumers can determine which policies they qualify for. Additionally, the marketplace allows Obamacare candidates to select plans that provide the minimum essential coverage, find out about exemptions and receive any federal subsidies to which they are entitled. California runs its own healthcare exchange called Covered California and is subject to the federally mandated health insurance exchange regulations, meaning that all subsidies and tax credits offered are in alignment with federal standards. What is the marketplace for health insurance? Covered California is part of the larger Obamacare marketplace whose aim is to provide insurance to as many Americans as possible. To date, 68% of Californians were covered by healthcare insurance as of this year.

Eligibility for Obamacare in California

What are the requirements to apply for Obamacare in CA? Obamacare applicants will need to gather several validating documents, and be ready to provide personal information on the following:

  • Residency status
  • Citizenship status
  • Household income level
  • Prior medical conditions
  • Household demographics


Who is eligible for Obamacare in California? Residents who meet the above requirements and are not currently incarcerated, are eligible to apply for Obamacare in CA. Some confusion exists about how to qualify for Obamacare in California, due to Obamacare income requirements at the Covered California marketplace. Income information is only used to determine premiums and to offer any subsidies or tax credits that the applicant may be eligible for. Obamacare coverage eligibility requirements do no depend on an applicant’s income level.

How to Apply for Obamacare in California

What is needed to sign up for Obamacare? Obamacare candidates wanting to learn how to enroll in Obamacare in CA or wondering where to apply for Obamacare should know there are many options available to them. Candidates can apply for Obamacare by phone, in person, online or by mail.

Two of the most frequently asked questions about Obamacare are, “What do I need to apply for Obamacare in California?” and “Can I apply online for Obamacare?” Those who would like to learn how to apply for Obamacare insurance in California can access insurance plans through the exchange marketplace called Covered California and can indeed apply for Obamacare online. As part of the application process, Obamacare candidates will need to present the following documentation:

  • Social security numbers for all household members
  • Pay stubs and current tax returns
  • Prior insurance coverages documents
  • Driver’s license or voter’s registration card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical records


Obamacare candidates wanting to learn how to get Obamacare online, may wish to call the program’s toll free number to have a trained agent assist you with plan selection.


Health Plan Cost and Availability in California

Obamacare health insurance plans costs are standardized in California, which is the only state in the nation to do so. With a total of 11 health insurance carriers, the state offers some of the most coverage plans compared to other states. How much does Obamacare cost in California? The average premium pricing will run the typical family around $227 dollars for the silver plan, but note that each plan and family will be different from the next. Obamacare health insurance price estimates are based on factors provided during enrollment. In order to answer the question, “How much will Obamacare insurance cost me?” the applicant is encouraged to use an online calculator at the exchange website, or to contact a trained representative.