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Obamacare in Alaska

The Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, offers Alaska residents quality healthcare coverage. Affordable healthcare is not Medicaid, though it is often confused with this program. The ACA does not guarantee no cost coverage, but it does offer affordable options for many residents living in Alaska. 

As of Feb. 22, approximately 21,260 Alaska residents were enrolled in Obamacare. Of those Alaskan consumers who enrolled, about 89 percent qualified for an average tax credit of $534 a month. After applicable tax credits, many Alaska residents qualified for coverage for less than $100. Currently, the rate of uninsured residents in Alaska is 16 percent, which is down from 18 percent of a few years ago. To find out more information about affordable healthcare in Alaska, see the sections listed below:  

  • Did Alaska accept the Obamacare Medicaid expansion?
  • Does the state or federal government run the health insurance exchange in Alaska?
  • Eligibility for Obamacare in Alaska
  • How to apply for Obamacare in Alaska
  • Health plan cost and availability in Alaska

Did Alaska accept the ACA Medicaid expansion?

The Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion program was adopted by Alaska, along with many other states in the U.S., to expand coverage to include more qualifying individuals.  What is the expansion of Medicaid in AK? In Alaska, eligibility requirements were expanded to include families who fall 133 percent below the federal poverty line (FPL). In these cases, free healthcare is offered with no out-of-pocket expenses, even if the applicant is non-elderly and has no dependent children. The ACA Medicaid expansion qualifies applicants based on household size, disability, family status, and income.

In Alaska, the Obamacare Medicaid application is made available to anyone living in the state, and can be obtained in paper form or online. AK Obamacare Medicaid eligibility is available to everyone in each county of AK, but rules and eligibility requirements can differ from county to county. The differences are due to the average median salary of those living in the area. This figure is used to compute the FPL for the area. Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Alaska has enabled more residents to be able to afford healthcare than ever before.

Obamacare candidates wondering “What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, and what does it have to do with me?” should know that the Obamacare health insurance exchange was created to provide a marketplace that offers residents of Alaska an opportunity to sign up for health insurance plans. AK residents logging on to the Obamacare healthcare marketplace, can review the many plans offered, and can also learn what subsidies they may be eligible for.

In regards to the question, “What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion?” it is crucial to understand that the expansion was determined to be a necessary addendum to the current Affordable Healthcare program because, despite its efficacy for millions of Americans, those most impacted were still unable to afford healthcare.  The ACA Medicaid expansion costs to states, particularly Alaska, is covered for the first three years by the federal government, with Alaska taxpayers only covering 10 percent of the cost thereafter. For information on topics other than Obamacare Medicaid expansion details, refer to the topics below.

Does the state or federal government run the health insurance exchange in Alaska?

What is the health insurance exchange in Alaska? The Obamacare healthcare marketplace is a federally provided exchange that offers quotes for residents of the state. The AK Obamacare health insurance exchange will direct applicants to a number of brokers in the state who can tailor plans to an applicant’s particular circumstances.

What is the marketplace for health insurance in Alaska? The health insurance marketplace is an online website offering Alaskan residents a way to review and compare healthcare plans that fit their particular lifestyle and budget. Alaska’s health insurance exchange regulations must be followed by the participating insurance companies, which means that they have agreed to offer rates, services and premiums in accordance with the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Eligibility for Obamacare in Alaska

Who is eligible for Obamacare in Alaska? Obamacare coverage eligibility requirements in AK state that the applicant be:

  • A U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Live in the U.S.
  • Not currently incarcerated
  • Not receiving Medicare
  • Reside in an Alaskan county

What are the requirements to apply for Obamacare in AK? The minimum requirements to apply for Obamacare in Alaska are state. Currently, there is only one insurance provider in Alaska, Premera. Residents in Alaska who have the opportunity to acquire health insurance through their workplace may do so, or they have the option of adopting a plan from the exchange. Many who have salaries that are not below the poverty level wonder how to qualify for Obamacare in Alaska. Everyone who meets the minimum requirements will qualify for healthcare, but not all will qualify for the subsidies.  Obamacare income requirements are not used as a tool to reject applicants, but rather as a way to set fair and equitable premiums.

How to Apply for Obamacare in Alaska

Alaska residents wondering how to enroll in Obamacare have several options for submitting their applications. For those wondering, “Can I apply online for Obamacare?” the answer is yes. In fact, many find this to be the easiest way to apply for healthcare.

What is needed to sign up for Obamacare in AK? First-time Obamacare applicants will need to provide several types of documents including pay stubs and polices for current insurance plans. Information such as household size, and social security numbers for all household members will also be required. Obamacare candidates who do not want to fill out the application online and want to know where to apply for Obamacare in AK can seek out the nearest Obamacare administration office in their county. Many communities offer offices throughout the county to assist in filling out the forms. Simply make an appointment, or walk in to get the process started.

Applicants who need additional information on how to get Obamacare can call the exchange numbers provided, or ask for help at a local processing office. Obamacare applicants wondering, “What do I need to apply for Obamacare in Alaska?” need only remember that basic personal information will be needed, such as household size, medical background, age, gender, income and contact information. With these documents and information in hand, the process for how to apply for Obamacare insurance is quite simple.

Health Plan Cost and Availability in Alaska

Obamacare health insurance plans costs in AK are largely dependent on the information provided on application. Currently, AK residents have 28 plans to choose from, all provided through Premera.  Obamacare health insurance price estimates are calculated by using a number of factors, including the income level of the applicant. Plans come in four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each covers a different level of healthcare costs. A catastrophic insurance plan is offered to applicants who are younger than 30 years old, and costs much less than that of the Bronze plan.

Many applicants ask the question, “How much will Obamacare insurance cost me?” Alaska’s premium rate is one of the highest in the nation, with the average cost, without subsidies, being $863 a month. However, the average subsidy is $534 a month, which is significantly higher than in other states. How much does Obamacare cost in AK? While it is largely dependent on each individual’s circumstances, most Alaskan residents can expect to pay between $600-$900 before subsidies are offered.